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February 6, 2019

Over the past few years, my skin & I have been on a very long learning journey. To be honest, I never had issues with my skin until I went off birth control… and now, hello adult acne. Could there be anything more annoying as a 29 year old woman? No. I always am shocked when people tell me I have nice skin because it has been a real struggle for me. I also deal with a lot of dark marks & freckles all over my face (I’m a beach baby just like my dad! We love the sun!) But, I finally feel like I have a routine in place that keeps my skin looking hydrated, clear & fresh. I absolutely have fallen in love with an all natural beauty product line; Fresh Beauty. I have been using Fresh for a little over two years now and I am constantly amazed by how well their products work/how dedicated their team is to providing high-quality natural products for their customers. This post is not sponsored (Although, if you need someone to promote ya, Fresh, I’m your girl!) I truly believe in & use these products daily so I hope y’all give them a try!

My daily skin care routine:

Soy Face Cleanser: If you buy anything from Fresh, PLEASE do yourself a favor & buy this cleanser. Its a soft formula with a light cucumber scent that leaves your skin clean & hydrated! It is the only cleanser I’ve used since getting off birth control that keeps my skin clear of acne!

Rose Hydration Facial Toner: Oooooh man. This toner and I have a love affair. Eddie bought me this a couple of years ago for Christmas and I’ve been using it religiously since. You just apply a small amount to a cotton ball & wipe over your entire face/neck after cleansing. It gets any left over make up the cleanser may have missed and it leaves your skin feeling

Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream: This is the face cream I use every single day and its perfection Its hydrating but doesn’t leave your face oily. Definitely highly recommend! (I use this cream during the day! See below for my night cream!)

Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream: SO, I used to use the regular face cream all the time until recently Fresh came out with this dreamy night cream. It smells like peaches first of all, and not like that weird fake peach smell- Like fresh picked Georgia peaches. The lightweight antioxidant formula basically heals your skin overnight & you wake up with radiant, glowy skin.

Tinted Lip Treatment: If you know me, you know I don’t go anywhere without a tinted lip balm or chapstick. Once I discovered Fresh Beauty I started a stockpile of their tinted lip treatments. They are smooth, beautifully tinted & have spf 15 in them! They’re my go-to when I need something not too over the top & my absolute favorite to keep in my beach bag! My go to shades are Honey, Spice & Berry! (You can tell the Honey label is completely worn off its been used to much LOL)

Specialty products I’m loving

Vitamin Nectar Glow Face Mask: I’m pretty sure Eddie gave me this mask as a gift as well and its the only face mask I will use. Its exfoliating & has pieces of citrus throughout the mask (aka it smells like heaven) I use this probably once a week at the end of the day!

Peony Spot- Correcting Brightening Essence: This is a new product for me that I am giving a try! As I mentioned before, I deal with a lot of sun spots, especially in the summer time, so I wanted to add in this spot-corrector into my routine. Its super easy to use, I just put a soft veil over my face & neck before I apply my facial cream at night! So far, I have been loving it!

Verbena Oval Soap: This soap y’all….. If you love a citrusy smelling anything like I do, you need this soap. Not only is this the best soap I’ve found to actually get your skin clean, it smells so unbelievably delicious. I use this soap in the shower but also to clean my make up brushes!

Brown Sugar Lip Polish: This is definitely one of those products that I need in the winter time. I hate when my lips are dry and/or chapped. This brown sugar lip polish takes care of both of those problems for me – Followed by the tinted lip treatment I mentioned above!

OKAY FRIENDS! Phew! Those are my absolute FAVORITE Fresh Beauty products that I am currently using- Again, this post isn’t sponsored in any way. I love these products & I hope you give them a try (and love them as well! If you like seeing posts like this, just let me know & I will continue to share a little more into my personal life (beauty, home decor, favorite recipes, etc.) Hope this helps y’all out just a little bit! xoxo



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